Karnataka Educational Awards 2019 Invites application from eligible candidates.

Overview of Karnataka Educational Award

Karnataka Educational Awards 2018 is to celebrate and felicitate excellence, reputation and exemplary work in the Education sector in a spectacular style. The Education Excellence Awards showcase the high academic goals and outstanding achievements through innovation, leadership, dedication and commitment towards learning. The best performers and greatest innovators in the industry will vouch for the fact that success comes only by determination, devotion and creating exceptional and remarkable experience towards their work ie; the experience of its students and subsequently the companies that employ them. These awards are intended to inspire others towards bigger and better achievements.

Karnataka Education awards will be your proof of credibility and capability. There are many rankings and awards for schools, Colleges and institutes but one that will be the last word and final seat of equality for your commitment to education excellence and hence student satisfaction and delight will become inevitable and priority for the teachers to achieve.

We think about teacher-heroes who taught us the academics but we don’t often think of those teachers who taught us life’s lessons. Having said that there are many ranking and awards in this verge of queue, a few of them are been enlightened here.

Video of Karnataka Educational Awards 2018 Ceremony

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